Banks and Shops time is 9am to 1 pm

Order dt 5-5-2020 for banks

The Corona virus has spread terror throughout the world which has been declared as an epidemic by the State Government. It has begun spreading itself in India, thus the prevention of this is very important. In this regard, vide this office letter No. 3062-85/MC-4/MA dated 23.03.2020 curfew order in the district Jalandhar was issued. To avoid any inconvenience to the public regarding shortage of money at hand, vide this office letter No. 4920-31/MC4/MA dated 01.04.2020, Banks and ATMs were given exemption from this curfew. Now, the exemptions given in the above mentioned letter is revisedand is as given below:-

1.All the banks in jurisdiction of District Jalandhar (100% branches of all banks) shallremain open from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM and ATM’s will be opened 24 hours.

2.Regular replenishment of all ATM’s will be ensured so that no ATM is without any cash.

3.Any person can go for withdrawal of money from these ATMs from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM; provided that person will have to go to ATM by walking only and use of vehicle by him for this purpose is strictly prohibited. Whenever any person withdraws money from ATM, he must carry ATM card with him which will be considered as his curfew pass.

4. The time for public dealing will be from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM. If any person is poor and is not having ATM card, then he/she can visit the bank branch from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM to withdraw the cash. He must carry passbook of bank account while visiting the bank and it will be considered as his curfew pass. Bank Manager will ensure that there is no rush in the bank. Bank Managers shall also ensure maintaining social distancing of the visitors and staff as per the guidelines of health department and will also mark circles with white marker and shall also ensure that the door handles are sanitized properly.

5. ATM’s and the concerned Branch Managers will ensure that white circles be made outside the ATMs in order to ensure the compliance of guidelines of COVID-19 issued by Health department in which distance of at least 1.5 meters be maintained between two person at all times so that disease of Corona may not spread. The concerned branch managers will be responsible for sanitizing ATM’s and their doors. ATM guards will wear masks and will also ensure the compliance of guidelines of COVID-19 issued by Health department; the doors of ATMs be sanitized regularly and it will be responsibility of branch manager to provide sanitizer to the guard concerned.

6. The Identity Cards of on duty staff of banks will work as Curfew pass.

7. Lead Bank Manager, Jalandhar will be responsible to ensure compliance of the above-mentioned guidelines; and security arrangements for the same will be made by Commissioner of Police, Jalandhar and Senior Superintendent of Police, Jalandhar (Rural).

District Magistrate

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